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The beginning

The beginning

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Thai Expresses blog. We hope that you enjoy our quirkiness because we definitely lean on this heavily to sit at the cool kids table because our social skills sure as hell wont get us there. It is our hope that through this blog we will be able to shed some light on the behind the scenes shenanigans that take place in the festival vending world while also sharing with you some of the fun road stories that take place while trying to make it to the festival grounds in time to open up shop before the gates open and release the hordes.


I am one of two co-owners of Thai Express Clothing which was founded 3 years ago. I’ve been tapped to write the blog since I supposedly have a way with words. I will let you judge whether or not this was a good idea or not but I do ask that you give me a bit of leeway on the first few entries so I can find my footing over here. Don’t judge me…..maybe point and laugh a bit but definitely don’t judge. On a brief side note, I’m a big believer in not censoring thoughts and writings but because of the format, I will do my best not to swear too much and keep this somewhat NSFW friendly as I lead you down the path into the pulsating under belly of the festival world…..pulsating, that is a fun word.


What is new you may ask? What is Thai Express doing in December to prepare ourselves for the coming festival season? Well to be honest, we have a few more fests on the calendar for 2019 and if you find yourselves at Lights All Night in Dallas or at Decadence in Phoenix for new years, please come say hi. Other then that, this is the time of year to regroup and get our product orders into our production teams so that they are ready for sea cargo shipment by the beginning of February (delivery takes 2 months by sea). There is a lot of planning and hair pulling that comes with placing these orders since its such a huge financial investment but if you don’t feed the monster with large amounts of cash, it shrivels up and dies, much like my soul at a country music festival.


So now that the introductions are over, we hope that you come back and visit us and read what we have been up to or what we are getting ourselves into. If you have any specific questions that you want answered about the festival world or about my awesome pug, you can just send us an email and I will do my best to incorporate it into the next post. Buckle up and sit tight ‘cuz here we go.

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